NoteCalc is a handy notepad with a smart builtin calculator.

Honestly, it just tries to be a free Soulver alternative in your browser.

Features Demo

Simple and intuitive

It can be used as a combination of a calculator and a notepad,
mixing calculations, numbers, operators, units of measurement with meaningful, descriptive texts around them, providing context for your calculations.


Values are automatically accumulated in the sum variable.
It can be reset and set to zero by starting a line with double dash (--).

Smart selection

Selecting part of an expression shows the result of that expression.
Selecting multiple lines shows the sum of the lines.

Line references

Use the cursor keys while ALT is pressed, to choose from any previous results to insert it at the cursor's position.
If the cursor is on a line which contains references, both the reference and the referenced line are highlighted with the same color.
References are automatically updated whenever their original values change.

Variable/Reference usage highlighting

Helping the navigation and readability, variables and references are automatically highlighted at their usages.

Standing on a reference/variable and pressing CTRL + b moves the cursor to the definition line of the reference/variable.


Variable names are autocompleted by TAB.
Below, mo was typed then autocompleted to monthly rent by pressing TAB.
In case of name collision (e.g. a second variable exists with name mow, specify more letters until the autocompletion is possible.
.pow is autocompleted to ^, and .pi to π.
Coming soon Autocompletion popup dialog

Vectors and Matrices

Matrices can be created by autocompleting .mat, .mat3 or .mat4 prefixes.
Creating a matrix by autocompletion or stepping into it using the cursor keys, put the user into 'matrix edit mode'. In this mode, beside modifying the matrix, it can be resized with ALT and the cursor keys (e.g. ALT + up decreases the number of rows). Use the cursor keys or Tab to switch between the matrix cells.
Press Enter, or simply navigate out from the matrix to leave the edit mode.

Binary operations

Bit manipulations (AND, OR, NOT(x), XOR, shifts (<<, >>)) are supported currently.

Binary and Hex Results

Pressing ALT + left/right changes the base of the current line's result to binary, hex or decimal.
Coming soon Scientific notation

Builtin functions

sin(), cos(), pi(), nth() and many more builtin functions
Coming soon Documentation and more functions

Unit conversion

Units, calculations with- and conversions between them are fully supported.

Easy sharing

The content is automatically saved into the URL, so just copy the URL and send it to a friend, she will see the same notes.

Automatic offline saving

The content is automatically saved into your offline browser storage, so if you leave the website and come back later, all your notes and tabs will be saved.
Your data is safe, nothing is sent to the server, everything is offline.